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Digital Proof

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Our company, Flexoplates Papadopoulos, has invested in specialized software and state-of-the-art equipment to complete one of the most important steps of sound and quality printing. The pre-print segment defines all the processes required by the initial design of a maquette until it is completed so that it is ready for printing. Offering unique know-how and special tools that focus on the sensitive areas of the flexography industry, we deliver our customers with excellent results. A prerequisite is the proper color management and customization of the client's capabilities to capitalize on the management of the original digital file.
We simulate printing by providing a digital proof - chromatin controlled under the right lighting conditions. But even in specialized packaging, such as heat shrinkable products, we have three-dimensional product presentation tools and technology, just as it will be on the market.
Our experienced team creates, selects and implements unique packaging for all applications of flexography. With the dynamics of our company, we clearly have a lead in service, speed, cost and quality.

Color Management

Color management
With the support of sophisticated software and our well-trained team, we support our customers by ensuring that the colors of a job are properly processed and managed.
The goal of managing an image's color is to get a proper display of the model in print. This includes a series of functions where we collect the technical features of flexographic printing under defined and controlled conditions.
Initially, the necessary information is obtained in order to complete the color calibration and to adapt the original idea of the customer to the corresponding printing result.

Our primary purpose is to safeguard our customers, leading them to the best possible printing result and financial benefit.

Digital Proof

The printed digital essay (chromalini) is undeniable the most critical stage for the completion of prepress process, since the customer is now equipped with "tangible" simulation of the finished product. With the progress made in inkjet printer technology and by using the appropriate color profile of the customer, we deliver digital essay (Epson, GMG) faithful to the final print product.
A control film that is automatically printed on each specimen allows the operator to monitor and maintain its quality and faithfulness.
The color we see in a package or digital essay is the result of light source and intensity, reflection of the object and interpretation of the eye and the brain. With our digital essay, it is ensured that the color control is done under the same conditions and with the proper lighting.
We are leading the way of testing the digital test, introducing a light control indicator for the first time in Greece. With this control tool, both the printer and the final customer can control the desired colors under the same conditions.

Responding to the needs of our customers, we are leading by providing different types of digital samples - chromolines, according to the product requirements.



From maquette creation to printing, the most important step may be to ensure the right result, as well as cost and time savings for both the printer and the end customer. These are the separations of colors that require not only the use of specialized programs, but also knowledge and experience to achieve the desired result.
By formatting the original design that we have designed, we provide the final digital archive for flexographic printing, in light of the requirements and capabilities of our customers.
Taking into account the factors influencing flexographic printing, we have ensured that we provide complete customization for each customer individually in order to ensure an excellent printing result.

By combining experience and expertise, the prepress department ensures excellent results for customers.



Three-dimensional presentation of packaging & heat shrinking
Flexoplates Papadopoulos now offers the possibility of simulating the final product, packing bag, carton or label or any packaging with a three-dimensional file. This gives your customer the image of the finished product with greater security and clarity, as it will be on the shelf of the sales outlet! The most important advantage of using 3D graphics is that the customer has the ability to prevent and detect any faults before the start of the production process. Especially in the field of heat shrinkage products, requirements are increasing. Shrink film is a material that after shrinking shrinks to the surface of the product using heat to adapt to the exact shape of the package (such as beverage sleeves, milk or multiple product packages such as soft drinks and water). However, this method deforms the drawing into specific points, and it is usual for the error phenomenon, such as being at the wrong point of the Barcode or texts that should be legible.

Understanding the needs of the market, we invested in specialized 3D product presentation software helping our customers to study the products long before they were on the market.

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Creative Design

Since the founding of our company Flexoplates Papadopoulos, up to date we have been cooperating with some of the most successful brands of both the domestic and the world market.
For each package that we undertake to create a new art, we study its characteristics, its attributes, the value that the consumer offers both the utilitarian (ie product use) and the emotional (style, prestige, final presentation).
The final package can be presented in a 3D image, thus offering greater security and clarity to the final recipient who sees his product as it will be on the shelf of the store!

Having established a strong presence with our experience in printing and combining artistic ability with professional consistency, the team of the creative department designs and implements integrated packages that stand out.


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