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Following the development in the global market, we guide and support our customers with new products and cliché flexography services. Vertical integration into technological equipment in conjunction with highly trained personnel ensures immediate delivery of clichés with consistent high quality standards.
Two fully functional cliché production lines serve our customers' needs, while we provide an extra automatic claw cutting system, saving time set up on flexible packaging prints.
We are leading in the field of carton and cardboard printing, with a digital cluster editing system, choosing the best raw materials to ensure their quality and durability.

Bearing in mind the consistency, quality and stability, we create relationships of trust with our customers.

HD Flexoplates

High Definition
In 2012, we installed HD Flexo with a high resolution of 4000 ppi in cliché, offering a wider range of colors, better details, smooth 0% erasures and crisp linear elements.
With digital scrambling at a high resolution of 4000 ppi, combined with the use of microcells, flexography gains multiple advantages.
Printing is more intense in spot colors due to more accurate ink transfer using microwaves. We can achieve good spot and tonal color printing with a cliché and even better gradients and shades. Supported dots solve the problem of wiping, and it is possible to use a higher raster (more lpi) than the existing printer equipment. However, even the linear elements are more clearly depicted (such as thin negative letters or BCs) given the smooth and concise dot of the cliché.

We drive flexography to a new printing standard, occupying an increasing portion of the market.

Full HD Flexoplates

Full HD Flexoplates

Full High Definition
Our company, Flexoplates Papadopoulos, introduces Full High Definition technology and solves the printing problems of flexography. From 2015 until today, we remain the only company in Greece with the internationally acclaimed Full HD quality certification.
The new Full HD Engraving technology differs significantly compared to previous cliché-making methods in terms of end-product quality. The simultaneous lighting system is powered by LED (not UV) lamps, creating flat top dots. Stability is achieved across the surface of the cliché in terms of not only the dots but also the hardness and repeatability of the cliché.
With the flat top dot scheme, the print is excellent, as the structure and size allow for perfect erasures, distinct details and vivid contrasts.
In addition, there is a choice of many different microcells that until recently were not feasible. Full HD microcells deliver noticeably better spots with good coverage and up to 30% longer. Printing companies can save costs using anilox with less ink transfer.

The combination of intense blobs and smooth gradients with the same cliche is now feasible in flexography making it even more economical and competitive compared to other printing methods.

Crystal plates

Crystal XPS
By constantly monitoring and investing in new technologies according to future packaging standards, we help make flexography even more productive, efficient and high-quality printing. In 2018 we managed to complete our new investment, Crystal XPS.
This is the latest innovation of Esko that won the FTA and Red dot award in late 2017. The Crystal XPS is a modern simultaneous illumination unit (front and rear) with LEDs for clichés up to 1270mm x 2032mm.
Consistently, quality and austerity, the extra benefits of Crystal Plates add one more step to flexographic printing.
• The human error factor is eliminated, as it is at one stage producing simultaneous lighting (front and back to the photopolymer plate).
• The stiffness of the cliché is uniform throughout its surface as well as its strength.
• A perfect dot shape is achieved with proper support at its base but also with absolute stability even in the smallest dots.
• We have consistent and repetitive quality cliches.
• We can provide cliché once in the desired dimension, especially for the carton industry, where requirements tend to be large.
We ensure the printing of our customers clearly higher intensity and coverage on spotted surfaces (using microcells), excellent print of positive and negative elements and extremely gradients. Printing gets vivid, with the appropriate tensions, contrasts and erasures at 0%. We establish our position at the top, supporting with the best quality of market clichés and always developing our benefits.

Plates mounting

Plates mounting
Our company, Flexoplates Papadopoulos, is innovating once more, installing the first digital editing in Greece. Our team completes cliché supplies in the carton sector, solving the main problem in printing. Providing custom cliches with absolute precision of coincidence, the set up time of the printer is reduced. With the automated way of synthesizing flexographic clichés in PVC or PET, we support our customers by offering quality and economy. The materials we have for editing are combined to meet the requirements of each machine, not only in terms of overall thickness but also print quality according to requirements.
We have the unique in Greece digital - automated editing offering:
• Slide the cliches to eliminate any print failures and ensure more clutch resistance.
• Digital printing of the cutter on the substrate (PVC / PET), helping the printer and saving cliché costs, as it allows for smaller pieces with absolute precision of coincidence.
• Double-sided adhesive bonding and silicone reinforcement around the cliché.
• Automated - printed crosses in cliches, providing time and cost savings.

Flexoplates Papadopoulos remains dynamic in the field of flexography, following developments and always introducing new technologies.


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